P e o p l e  

Based in the hub of South East Asia's offshore activities (Singapore), Delphinus People Pte Ltd draws from a broader base of personnel - Offering DP operators, Surveyors, Inspection Engineers, NDT inspectors, and Divers, as well as ROV Operators.  These include many locally based operatives, as well as the larger international pool of personnel.  The SEA branch of the Delphinus family  in turn feeds local skills and region-specific gifts back into the Group's International activities, ensuring a rich blend of technical, operational and administrative skills, and bringing full service industry resources to SEA from the Delphinus Stable: Consultancy Services, Manpower Services, Work Placement, Equipment Procurement (Vessels and ROVs; survey equipment).

Access local, and International markets for all your needs via local company; local operatives.  Few companies can rival our experience, knowledge, and contact-base.

Our local support staff have a combined 20 years experience in the SEA offshore services operating environment.  Logistical and time zone issues evaporate.  The team are dedicated to maintaing the Group ethos for quality and ensuring The Win, Win, Win for all parties.