Delphinus is dedicated to the provision of high calibre ROV people to the Offshore Industry worldwide.


 The division is now an established provider of ROV Pilot Technicians, Senior Pilot Technicians, ROV Supervisors, ROV Superintendents / Project Supervisors, Barge Superintendents, Client Reps. & ROV Project Managers

1. The personnel are hand-picked from the global market as part of a quality  recruiting program forged from extensive contacts; strong links created from years of operating experience, and dynamic market monitoring.

2.  All  ROV people are vetted - Personally - by Company Officers, either through direct working contact, or come highly recommended from trusted sources, whom have proven abilities in selecting the right people.

3. ROV people are regularly assessed for TRUE competence, attitude, and language skills in the real working environment.

4. Cost effective - Delphinus works with all parties to create the win, win, win scenario - A fair solution for all.