The Delphinus Group is an amalgam of energetic, dynamic and independent entities with a common objective: To bring unique, imaginative, intelligent and quality services to the Oil and Gas business worldwide.

The proprietors offer 25 years industry experience, having operated at the highest level of sub-sea intervention; in both diver and diver-less operatons using ROVs; in sub-sea maintenance and construction projects worldwide on some of the most advanced sub-sea intervention challenges in the world - Forging alliances with many longstanding contacts.

Delphinus Group's primary business is consultancy, equipment and personnel procurement; supported by ROV, Inspection, Survey, DP, NDT manpower services (comprising all grades within each field to project and operations managment level); ROV training and operating services (covering all types of ROVs, and ROV work).  The group has allied to provide Advanced ROV Services, including engineering design and fabrication capabilities, alongside Advanced NDT Services - Steadily expanding its portfolio. 

Delphinus Solutions  Provides Consultancy services to the Marine, Diving, Survey, Inspection, and  ROV Industries.  Our team of specialists have an enormous experience, and skill base upon which to build assistence for our corporate clients, financiers, and training establishments wishing to tap into practical, commercial, standard and bespoke solutions for all their subsea needs.  Market Research, Acquisition Research, Business Planning, Technical Authoring, Project Managment, Integration, Creation and Support form just a section of intelligent solutions provided.

Delphinus Services Ltd (ROV Training Division) has specialised in 'on-job-training'; most recently mentoring the creation of wholly local ROV crews in Vietnam to Supervisor level, using IMCA Guidelines as the foundation for training. These crews have a strong reputation in the region-Operating autonomously and successfully across all ROV genres for Vietsovpetro.

In response to popular demand, the ROV Training Division will soon be moving to a training facility to deliver curriculae unrivalled in their extensive and intensive study of key ROV operating principles, practices, and formulae for success. Given the Group's growing reputation, a quality end-product is assured. 

Delphinus People Pte Ltd taps into group activities to bring them to the Middle East, Asia, and Asia Pacific to service the unique needs of these regions; feeding resources from these rich areas of skills growth back into group worldwide activities.


Our dynamic group philosophy is to service the changing needs of our corporate and personnel partners in creating the Win, Win, Win; providing professional, cost effective and safe solutions; delivering operational expertise, and equipment that will consistently produce quality results - On time.